Hamer Parking Terminals 3 & 4

Hamer airport parking is situated right up close to Perth Airport. With an on demand shuttle service that drops you right outside the airport within 3 minutes of dropping off your car, their secure airport parking service includes a free and immediate shuttle to T3&T4 terminals for Qantas, Jetstar airlines. Plus Regional Charters Airline. Cobham, Network,Skippers, Maroomba, Perth Flight Centre and Star Aviation . They offer a parking solution for travelers departing from Perth Airport that is affordable, convenient and customer service orientated. Hamer is a great place to park your car, offering safe and secure parking spots.

Please note: The shuttle bus only transfers people to and from terminal 3 and 4

The shuttle only operates between 4h30- 22h00 on weekdays and between 8h00 - 18h00 on weekends. Outside of these hours you will need to self park and arrange your own transport to and from the airport.

Self park If you wish to drop your car after hours, you will park at the front parking lot and drop your keys into one of the safes in front of the office / reception. You will then have to arrange your own transport to the airport. However should you return within the above operating hours, a shuttle can pick you up from the airport. Outside of these hours you will have to arrange your own transport. The instructions will be sent in a confirmation email.

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20 Redcliffe Rd, WA 6104, Redcliffe
Perth Airport Parking

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Availability Hamer Parking Terminals 3 & 4

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About Hamer Parking Terminals 3 & 4

Long term parking and short term parking are available 7 days per week at Hamer. This Australian family owned business only employs people they know. They do this to ensure the quality service they want to provide to the customers. Along with parking, Hamer offers their customers a free and immediate shuttle service to and from terminals T3 & T4. Your car will be safe on the parking lot while you're traveling. On the way back you'll get picked up from the terminal by the shuttle bus and brought back to Hamer airport parking by a friendly employee.

Your vehicle will be safe while you're on vacation or on your business assignment. Hamer parking has a wide range of security measurements to make sure that your car is safe. The whole parking area is fenced and well lit. Furthermore they have video surveillance, alarms, security glass, security glass, security roller shutters. A guard dog keeps your car safe and keeps employees happy too. After your trip a friendly employee will inspect your car with you. In the worst case scenario, should your car obtain any damage, the parking provider is insured. Exactly why you don't need to worry while you're away.

You can choose between indoor or outdoor shuttle parking. The outdoor area is paved. When you arrive at the main location there will be a waiting room and there is no height restriction when parking outdoors.

The employees of Hamer airport parking are always willing to help you with your luggage and help you on your way.

Shuttle parking

On the day of your departure you'll drive to the parking. Please call the car park if you have a delay of more than 30 minutes. When you enter the car park you'll need to register at the reception.

There's always a shuttle bus available to take you to the airport and is on demand. A driver will drive you to the airport within 5 minutes if there's no traffic.

After landing you'll need to contact the parking as soon as you've collected your bags. The shuttle bus will pick you up at the pickup point, which is a short walk from the terminal. From there you'll be driven back to the car park.

If you need to cut your trip short or extend your journey, please contact the parking by phone to let them know as soon as you can. If you'd like to extend your booking, please note that any extra payments can be settled when you pick up your car.


20 Redcliffe Rd, WA 6104, Redcliffe