How does valet parking work at Melbourne Airport?

If you have chosen valet parking at Melbourne airport there are a few things to take into consideration. Firstly, the valet parking option still requires you to drive to the parking lot. Once you have arrived, a smiling staff member will park your car for you after you have performed a few checks together. The confirmation email will provide you with a number to call when you are on the way to park so that they can be ready to welcome you.

Continue your journey

Once dropped off at your departure hall by the parkings’ complimentary shuttle bus, you simply unpack your luggage, and continue to your check in desk to begin your journey.

On return

On return from your travels it is time to recall your meeting place for pick up. You will call the parking provider on the number given to you in your booking confirmation. Thereafter an employee will make their way to fetch you at the arrivals area.

Advantages and disadvantages of valet parking

There are ProĊ› and Con’s to everything. Please see below for our list of benefits and drawbacks to valet parking.


Time saving is certainly a benefit to having your car parked for you. You simply drive into the parking lot and jump out of your car, an employee takes over from there and you can continue getting to your travel destination.

Convenience is another benefit that occurs in multiple ways. For example, you get out of your car closer to the reception area, less distance to unpack and carry your luggage and likely more assistance from the staff.


Trust can be a slight draw back if you don’t get a chance to see where your car is being parked. But if it is any consolation, we at Parkos only work with parkings that employ certified drivers.

Cost. As you can imagine this service cost a little more than shuttle parking due to all of it’s benefits.

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