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On this page you can plan your trip to Melbourne. Here you can also find other useful tips about travelling through Australia by car.

Address information


Departure Drive
3045 Melbourne

Traffic information:

Looking for travel directions to your Melbourne airport parking? On this page you can find the driving direction to all our parkings. Simply choose you parking provider on top of the page. Melbourne airport is extremely large, covering 2800 acres of land. It is so vast that it acts as a suburb with it’s very own area code. Commonly referred to as the tullamarine airport by locals and home to the second busiest airport in australia. Only beaten by Sydney airport, the air route between these top two airports in Australia is the third most used passenger route in the world. Needless to say, when planning to get to the tullamarine airport there are a few entry points and traffic conditions to consider if you wish to make good time. Unfortunately there is still no direct public transport line to the airport itself. But there are various shuttle bus options like the services offered from off site parking companies in the tullamarine area.

Under normal weather and traffic conditions the following travel allowance applies:

City centre -> Melbourne Airport 23,6 kilometres / 26 min
St Kilda -> Melbourne Airport 31 kilometres / 31 min
Dadenong -> Melbourne Airport 59,5 kilometres / 49 mins
Werribee -> Melbourne Airport 48,2 kilometres / 39 mins
Frankston -> Melbourne Airport 77,1 kilometres / 55 min
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Useful information for the road:

Your route may contain tolls. A quick check beforehand will help you prepare.

As Melbourne is a large Australian city, some routes may be well over 50 km’s long to get to the airport. Before you begin your journey, a few crucial checks in your vehicles’ mechanical needs could spare you an unnecessary delay or drama. Coolant, oil and water levels are a good place to start. Then be sure to check your tyre pressure when you fill up at the petrol station. You will feel confident in getting on your way and can focus only on where you are going to get to the airport on time.


LPG fuel may only be available at a few select stations, but you will be able to fill up with petrol and diesel just about anywhere. You may benefit from slightly better prices when filling up in the busier urban areas of the city rather than highway stops.
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