How long in advance should I arrive at the parking space at Melbourne airport?

For parking at Melbourne airport, a time frame of 2 hours before your flight is suggested. If you are leaving for an international flight, we suggest that you arrive at your parking spot 3 hours before your flight. In that extra time, you can have your car parked and be transported to the airport stress free.

Shuttle parking

If you have booked a shuttle parking at Melbourne airport, this means that you can use the shuttle service to the airport free of charge. The bus will take you to the airport after you have registered and handed your keys over and/ or parked your car. There may be a small waiting time involved, usually no longer than 20 minutes. All information can be found on the listing of your chosen parking provider on our website.

Valet parking

Valet parking is available at selected parking operators and if you opted for this service, then you will need to arrive at designated arrival point minimum 2 hours before, and for international travel 3 hours. You will be met by an employee to scan your car and ready the paperwork. This process could present some waiting time due to crowds. We suggest arriving well in advance to avoid stress on your travels.

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