Travel directions to Brisbane Airport

On this page you can plan your trip to Brisbane Airport. Here you can also find other useful tips about travelling through Australia by car.

Address information

Brisbane Airport

11 The Circuit
4008 Brisbane

Traffic Information:

Brisbane Airport is easily accessible by car. Getting to your Brisbane Airport parking should be quick and easy. Brisbane Airport is located 18km north-east of Brisbane city centre. The closest main road is the M1 which connects to the M3, M2 and M6. Brisbane Airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 or T1 is the international flights terminal. Terminal 2, T2 or D2 is the domestic flights terminal.

Please follow the signs at the airport to the location of your terminal.

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Under normal weather and traffic conditions you can roughly assume the following travel times:

Brisbane -> Brisbane Airport (BNE) 18.0 km / 0:18 hours
Gold Coast -> Brisbane Airport (BNE) 87.6 km / 1:00 hours
Sunshine Coast -> Brisbane Airport (BNE) 102.0 km / 1:05 hours
Toowoomba -> Brisbane Airport (BNE) 138.0 km / 1:40 hours

On the road information:

When you are traveling large distances with your own car it’s important to check for any technical defects before you leave. This minimizes the chances of car trouble delaying your arrival for check in.

Before you leave you should check oil, coolant and tire pressure. Don’t forget to check the pressure of your spare tire. In addition it is also recommended to check the functioning of your lighting.

Petrol stations

LPG is for safety reasons only available in select stations, mostly located besides the main road. Petrol & diesel stations can be found anywhere. To save costs we recommend to fill up your tank in built up areas rather than highway stops.

Roadside assistance

Accidents and car trouble can always happen. Even if you have taken all precautions. Therefore we recommend to have to phone number of your roadside assistance company stored in your phone. This way you don’t have to spend time looking for the number losing precious time you might need for check-in.

Maximum Speed

The range of speed limit lies between 5km p/hour and 130 km p/hour. To protect pedestrians strict speed limits exist. For example in the city centre of Brisbane a speed limit of 40 km p/hour applies. Highways allow higher speed limits, following the signage is highly advised.

A website like qldtraffic can help you navigate road closures and traffic jams:

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