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Top 10 Free Travel Apps for Ultra Convenience

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Top 10 Free Travel Apps for Ultra Convenience

Take the hassle out of travelling and download some free travel apps that will make your trip easier, allowing you to use your time enjoying yourself rather than trying to get basic things done. Read on for our recommendations about some great apps that you’ll be glad your downloaded.

1. TripAdvisor

The world’s largest travel review site, TripAdvisor is must-have travel app. Providing real reviews on everything from hotels, restaurants and attractions, TripAdvisor can save you from making many a poor choice. Using a 5-star review system, it is very easy to see other people’s experiences and photographs, enabling you to make a decision if the place is indeed somewhere you’d like to visit. The app also allows you to book hotels, and excursions and compares prices for you.

2. Uber

Used in many countries around the world, downloading Uber is a smart move. Sometimes when we visit a new country, we are unfamiliar with the cost of taxis and, of course, not familiar with the currency value. Using a service such as Uber reduces the likelihood of you being cheated. It also provides an element of security as you know in advance who your driver is, and you have the ability to share your ride details with family or friends.


Let’s face it, it takes some getting used to another country’s currency. This is especially true when you are dealing with higher denomination notes, which may be very dissimilar to your home country’s currency. With, you have all of the information at your fingertips, whereby you can quickly convert values.

4. Flightradar24

A gem of an app, Flightradar24 is a live flight tracker that is completely awesome. A must for travel, you can often find out details quicker on Flightradar24 than you can at the airport. For example, if your flight is delayed, sometimes checking the incoming flight and how delayed that was in departing, can give you a good indication of just how late you’ll be.

5. Duolingo

It’s well worth having Duolingo installed on your phone before your trip overseas. If you’re going to a country that speaks another language than your own, sometimes you can find yourself unable to communicate even the most basic of things. Take out the stress of this scenario and be prepared by having Duolingo, so you can translate words or phrases as and when you need.

Top 10 Free Travel Apps for Ultra Convenience

6. Packpoint

Get yourself organized and download Packpoint before you travel and remove the packing stress from your life! We all know that packing last minute is usually a disaster as you end up taking either far too much (and running the risk of paying excess baggage charges) or not packing enough (and having to buy underwear because you forgot to pack any). The app is organised to pack according to trip type and length of stay, making it very easy to manage.

7. Nike Training Club

A super handy app that prevents all your hard work from going out of the window, the Nike Training Club app enables you to continue to train during your trip. With many different workouts to choose from and with access to free guidance from trainers, this app is a must for fitness fans.


As one of the largest hotel booking sites in the world, the app is well worth having on your phone. The ease of searching using the filters or searching by area on a map, makes this app a premier tool for finding good accommodation wherever you happen to be.

9. Splitwise

A genius idea by whoever invented this app, Splitwise is a must for when you are travelling with other people and want to be able to fairly share costs. It works by creating a trip, sharing with whoever will be joining you and then adding the expenses onto the app, so everyone can pay it fairly.

10. Waze

This very handy app is far more than just a map app. Waze gives you real-time information on the traffic situation and can tell you about any upcoming hazards on the road. For example, Waze will alert you to a vehicle that is stopped on the hard shoulder. Remarkably fast, Waze is a community of users who contribute to the data collection for the benefit of all users. Definitely recommended for any road trips.