How does valet parking work at Sunshine Coast Airport?

For Valet parking in the Sunshine coast you are required to drive up to the parking first. An employee will do a scan of your car for any damages and then your car will be parked for you, this is the description of valet parking in Australia. You may be asked to call the parking provider when making your way. This will be clarified in your confirmation mail, along with the number that you can call to do so.

How do I get to the departure hall?

If you opt for valet parking Schiphol, your car will be picked up in front of the departure hall. The departure hall is easy to find when you take the 'Schiphol' exit, after which you only have to follow the 'Departure hall' signs and you will arrive in front of the three departure halls of Schiphol. You can discuss at which departure hall you agree when you call the employee.

Continue your journey

Once you have been transported to the airport via company shuttle bus and your car securely stowed. You can happily get yourself and your luggage to your necessary check in counter, with one less task on your mind.

On return

You will be asked by the parking to give them a call once you have landed and collect your luggage from the carousel. The shuttle will then be sent for your collection at the designated point of pick up. This will be explained to you, so you will know exactly where to go.

Advantages and disadvantages of valet parking

Of course when making a parking selection, you would love to be sure that you made the right choice. The below list of benefits as well as down sides, may hopefully assist you in your decision.


Time: Perhaps the single most beneficial element to valet parking is the time you save yourself. Considering a long journey ahead of you from the airport, this could mean one less time consuming task.

Convenience: Is another perk to having your car parked for you. Not only do you simply drive up to reception, but your luggage is easily transferred as a result.


Trust may be a concern when you don’t get to see where your car is parked and who drives it. But we would like to assure you that all drivers are certified at our partners parking locations.

Cost. As usually valet parking includes a higher fee for the service rendered.

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