Travel directions to Perth

On this page you can plan your trip to Perth. Here you can also find other useful tips about travelling through Australia by car.

Address information


Horrie Miller Drive
6105 Perth

Traffic information:

You have successfully reserved your ideal parking spot near Perth airport, now you need to get there on time for your flight. Due to recent changes in access to the terminals, it is important to know which terminal you need to get to and best routes to do so. Following the signage should assist you greatly when making your way to T3 & T4. Directional signs have been installed on all major airport routes like Great Eastern highway and Tonkin Highways, just to name a few.

Under normal weather and traffic conditions the following travel allowance applies:

Claremont -> Perth Airport 22,6 kilometres / 28 mins
Rockingham -> Perth Airport 51,5 kilometres / 45 mins
Freemantle -> Perth Airport 6.6 kilometres / 28 mins
Midland -> Perth Airport 10.1 kilometres / 12 min
Perth CBD -> Perth Airport 11.6 kilometers / 19 min
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Useful information for the road:

Before you set off for the airport in your car, you may want to consider a few safety checks. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have enough fuel?
  • Are your oil, water and coolant levels safe for a long journey?
  • Are all your tyres, including your spare wheel at the correct unit of pressure?
  • Are all your necessary lights in working order?

Some of these checks can easily be overlooked and as a result may cause delays in your journey, so be sure to have them all checked ahead of time.


With an array of options in Perth you can refuel just about anywhere at a service station of choice. Filling up in a built-up area before starting your journey on the highway may stretch your buck that little bit further. If your vehicle uses LPG, make sure you know where to fill up as it may not be available at all service stations.
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