Discount Airport Parking

Discount Airport Parking offers secure indoor and outdoor parking for your car while you're away. With an on demand shuttle that takes you to Melbourne Airport as soon as you've dropped your car off, you don't need to worry about waiting for the next shuttle bus to come and pick you up.

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4-8 Sabre Court, 3043, Tullamarine
Melbourne Airport parking

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24/7 presence
Guaranteed parking space
Vehicle inspection


Car cleaning
Waiting room
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Indoor parking
Parking garage
× No maximum height
× Disabled parking space


5m from the terminal
24/7 transfer
<5min from motorway
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Based on 6 reviews

Has parked on November 2019. Review written on 15 November 2019.

The staff were lovely, the service was prompt and they were amazing about our 2hr flight delay.


Has parked on October 2019. Review written on 07 November 2019.

I felt soo comfortable


Has parked on October 2019. Review written on 24 October 2019.



Has parked on October 2019. Review written on 22 October 2019.

Greatly services l highly recommended


Has parked on September 2019. Review written on 05 October 2019.

Easy to book, fast transaction and l was in the bus and on the way to the airport!

When I got back from my travels, one quick call and they are there to pick me up.


Has parked on September 2019. Review written on 01 October 2019.

Drop-off was great. On pick-up we had trouble identifying the shuttle as it didn't have the Discount Car Parking or Parkos branding. Also, it would make sense for the hotel & shuttle busses to stop at the front of the bay, but everyone parks at the back. Otherwise, Employees and service was great.

About Discount Airport Parking

At Discount Airport Parking, you're 5 minutes away from Melbourne airport, and they offer a convenient on-demand shuttle once you've dropped off your car, so you can get to the airport in time for your flight.

Shuttle parking
When you choose shuttle parking, you'll need to take your car to Discount Airport Parking and check in at their reception area. You'll hand over your keys, and an employee will park your car for you. In the meantime you'll be taken to Melbourne Airport

At Discount Airport Parking there is someone on the premises 24/7, with CCTV cameras, and fencing. When you hand in your keys, they are locked into an alarmed room. They've got internal and external motion sensors as well.

All of the employees at Discount Airport Parking are insured, so when they park your car, if something happens you'll be fully covered. Plus, you can request an inspection for your car before you leave on your trip.

At discount Airport Parking there are toilets, and a covered reception area for you to wait for the shuttle bus. The staff at the car park will park your car for you, and they will keep your keys securely and safely in an alarmed room.

Their shuttle bus is on-demand, and they are only 5 minutes away from the airport, so you can time your trip perfectly. The terminal is a short 5 minute walk from the drop off and pickup points.

Shuttle parking

On the day of your trip, you'll need to drive to Discount Airport ParkingMake sure if you have a delay of more than 30 minutes tha you call to let them know. When you drive into the car park, you'll need to report to reception, hand in your car keys, and then you'll be taken to the airport.

The shuttle bus is operated on demand and if there's no traffic you'll be at the airport within 5 minutes.

On your return journey, when you're ready to be picked up you'll need to call Discount Airport Parking, and they will send a shuttle bus for you. They will pick you up at the pickup point, which is a short walk from the terminal. From there you'll be driven back to the car park to collect your car.

If for any reason you need to extend or shorten your trip, please call Discount Airport Parking to let them know as soon as you can so they can make arrangemens. If you'd like to extend your booking, please note that any extra payments can be settled when you pick up your car.


4-8 Sabre Court, 3043, Tullamarine